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As you know I travel a lot and I love sharing my travel photography with you. However, it is not always easy to have my pictures in an organized and presentable way. Another problem I have is that I take too many pictures during my trips, but always end up sharing only a few on my social media accounts.

I have recently discovered a new amazing platform where you can share all of your travels, show the trip route that you did and upload all the photos in an album from each of your trips. It is a tool that helps you to have all your trips in an organised and presentable way and it gives you the chance to upload as many pictures as you want from each trip. How amazing is that?

The name of the platform is Worldee and you can check my profile here!

The idea behind the platform is to connect travellers and people who enjoy travelling, by allowing them to create their own modern day traveler´s diary online. On there you showcase all your trips. From your profile it is easy to see which countries you have visited, how many times you have been in a given country, how many trips have you done or how many pictures you have taken there.

The trips are categorized by countries and it is very easy to see exactly when you had the trip to that country, which places you visited and what was your exact route. In each of the trips you have all the pictures mapped by the visited places. The trip also shows as a map, so the travelers know exactly where they went even after some time. All pictures are also created with a timeline, so you know the exact time when they were taken. All you have to do is to simply synchronise the pictures you upload with their time and exact location and you will have your trip perfectly organised on your Wolrdee profile.

Worldee is also perfect for creating a presentation of your trips. You just press the button that says “Slideshow” and you can show your trip to your friends, family or colleagues. I love the slideshow option, as it helps you to get a more real feeling of the trip.  

Apart from being extra useful in terms of organizing your trips and putting order into your pictures, I find Worldee great for browsing though other people´s trips. Their pictures give you a more realistic feel of what the destination really looks like than the over edited pictures we are bombarded with across the internet. The platform is also very helpful for discovering new places to visit and meeting fellow travellers.

I also love Wolrdee as it is extremely user-friendly and is super easy to use! You simply create a profile and start uploading your trips and pictures on there! It only takes a few minutes to upload a trip, but once uploaded you will have the memories organised in a presentable way on your Worldee profile and you do not need to worry that you might lose the pictures or forget the place you have visited.

To register and find out more about Worldee and how to use it click here!

Also, you can watch more about Worldee here:


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