Ome TV Video Chat App – Meet strangers, make friends!

As you guys know, I am always on the search for new cool apps to use and I have recently discovered an amazing video chat app that I really want to share with you give you an idea of why it is so great! The name of the app is OmeTV and it is a free video chat app, where you get to meet a lot of new people. What is so unique about OmeTV, is that it combines an easy-to-use live video chat and a social network. What makes it great is the cool people that you can hang out with, tell jokes, flirt, learn languages, sing, discuss things and so much more!

I absolutely love the fact that OmeTV is completely free to use and on top of that, there are no ads in the app! I get very annoyed at the number of ads running on other social media platforms, and discovering such a cool app like OmeTV, which does not have ads was extremely refreshing!

OmeTV is also a very easy and fun app to use! Some of its key features and benefits include the super quick sign up! All you have to do is download the app, add your name and birthday, and you are ready to go! You can also upload a couple of pictures on your profile, location and a short description of yourself if you wish to give people an idea of who you are prior to chatting to them!

As I said OmeTV is extremely easy to use! All you have to do to start chatting to people is click on the tv icon, swipe left and you will get to see all the people that are currently active! To start talking to someone you only have to stop swiping and you can start talking to the person on the other side of the screen.

Another incredible feature is the fact that there are thousands of real people active on the app throughout the day. For instance, right now there are 97k active users. Imagine all the different people you can chat with and meet on the app! Isn’t that incredible?

Apart from chatting to people and having fun, the app can be quite useful even for practicing languages! OmeTV has users from all over the world, and by selecting a country on your video chat screen you get to see all the active users from that particular country.

So, let’s say you are studying French, but you need more practice and are looking for someone to talk to! OmeTV gives you the opportunity to meet lots of local people with whom to practice! You can chat on OmeTV directly in the browser on your laptop or even on your iPhone! You can also install the chat app on your Android phone. Go for it and start having fun on OmeTV now!


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