The Ultimate Guide To Packing Your Suitcase

If you are planning a holiday anytime soon, you may be filled with dread about the idea of packing. 

Firstly, you may worry that you’ll forget something vital for your trip. Then, you might be concerned about having an overweight case that costs you in fines at the airport. And, finally, you might not think that your case will be very easy to carry around. 

So, how do you avoid all of these worries?

Here’s a guide to packing a case the right way. 

Pick The Case That Is Right For You 

The first thing that you will need if you are going to pack is a suitcase. 

If you are buying a case, think of the following four things: 

  • Your case needs to be lightweight to save weight for your packing
  • Your case needs to be spacious to get plenty inside it
  • You will need wheels to move your case around easily
  • Your case should be durable enough to withstand being thrown by luggage handlers

A good case can make packing and moving your case around so much easier. 

Make A List 

To make sure that you have everything for your trip you will need to make a comprehensive list of everything that you will need to take with you. 

The earlier you can start making this list, the better. Having the list will help to ensure that you don’t miss anything out when it comes to packing. 

Go Light On The Bags And Accessories 

Find one or two beautiful bags to take on your trip from The Little Green Bag. Pick colors and styles that will go with all of your outfits. For example, black and white bags will work with everything. 

Collect All Of Your Items Up Together 

Once you have made your list, gather everything together. 

Give yourself plenty of time to do this, just in case you can’t find something from your list. 

Put Your Bulkier Items In The Case First 

The first things that should go in your case should be bulky items such as your shoes and your hairdryer. Once these are in place, you can pack around them. 

Roll Your Clothes Don’t Fold Them

Don’t waste your time perfectly folding all of your clothes. Folded clothes take a long time to get neatly into place. When you fold clothes, they take up more space. In addition to this, when you unpack, you will quite often find that your clothes are no neater for being folded when they are in the case. 

Instead, wherever possible roll your clothes. 

The only time you shouldn’t roll your clothes would be when it would damage them to do so. 

Weigh Your Case

Once you have packed your case, weight it using a reliable set of luggage scales.

It is important that you do this at home. Don’t wait until you’re at the airport to weigh your case or you could be left with too much. At least at home, you can take items out if the case is over. 


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