Style Accessories For The Girl Who Loves To Travel

Going abroad on vacation isn’t just a chance to see the world and explore the local culture. It is also an opportunity to experiment with new styles and fashions you just can’t indulge in back home. When you go to a new place, you suddenly have a license to go mad, try something different, and, dare we say it, leave your jeans in your wardrobe. 

There are a couple of reasons why travel is so good for your fashion choices. First, everyone else is wearing unusual clothes, especially if you go somewhere non-Western. For instance, in India, bright colors are the order of the day, allowing you to do things you could never hope to get away with back home. And in places like the Philippines, you can wear audacious dresses in traditional Asian and Spanish style you could never wish to pull off back home. 

The second reason is that there is no one there to judge you. You don’t know anyone, so you’re free to do whatever you like fashion-wise. You can release all that pent-up desire to experiment. Just go to a local market, try out something colorful you’ve always wanted to put on, and roll with it. 

Then there’s the social media factor – one of the BIG reasons why style is so important while traveling. You want to post about all your destinations online. But you also want to look the part.

In this post, we’re going to take at the accessories you need to do just that. You’ll learn about how small fashion choices can instantly make your shot more Instagram-worthy and create a bigger visual impact. 

Choose Big Summery Hats

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Big summer hats might be the sort of thing you whip out for the odd wedding back home. But when you’re on holiday, they’re instantly fashionable, and they help you make visual statements. Nothing screams “vacation” more than headwear that is the size of a sombrero. You’re so sun-drenched, you need something hardcore that acts as a mini-sunlounger. It’s fifty degrees in the shade for goodness sake!

When choosing summer hats, go for something over-sized and light in color. Pair your photos with dark, leafy backgrounds or beach scenes. Add other props to the mix, like a giant beach ball or a colorful cocktail, to drive the point home that you’re in paradise. 

Indulge In Fashionable Luggage Choices

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You love designer bags. So it only makes sense that you’d apply the same sort of fussiness to luggage too. After all, top designers are all over and always looking for ways to make wanderlust more stylish. 

Indulging in fashionable luggage choices is one of the best things you can do to boost your vacay’s social media record. Whenever you take a photo in an airport lounge or hotel foyer, your bags can be there in the background, adding much-needed support. Nothing is more reminiscent of a holiday scene than a line-up of attractive suitcases. 

Don’t feel like you have to drop more on your luggage than the holiday itself, though. There are plenty of direct fashion brands out there who create cases and evoke that stylish feel you want without cratering your budget. Remember, it’s the effect you want. Nobody is going to be zooming in on the label. 

Get Killer Sunglasses

Even if you’re going somewhere temperate, sunglasses are a must for your vacation photos. Just like luggage and hats, they immediately evoke the feeling of long summer days, unwinding and relaxing on the beach. Nothing is quite as powerful. 

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As points out, the selection of glasses available today is tremendous. What’s more, they can double up as prescription lenses, actually encouraging you to wear them more. 

Think about the type of frames you should wear while on vacation. Usually, you can afford to go with something a little more adventurous than you would back home. Nothing is stopping you from indulging in over-sized frames or even picking something a little more riské than you’d usually choose. Remember, on vacation, you’re free to experiment. For some reason, it is okay to go a little mad with your choices. 

Summer Sandals That Show Off Your Legs

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Your legs get a lot of air time while on vacation if you travel to a warm destination. Your footwear choices, therefore, can have a massive impact on how they appear. You want something, therefore, that shows them in their best light and helps you feel confident according to

Fortunately, designers are ready and waiting to provide you with the perfect sandals to complement your smooth, golden legs. Vince Camuto, for instance, makes stylish strappy sandals that will instantly make you feel like a million dollars as you’re perusing the streets or strolling along the beach. 

Don’t Forget The All-Important Scrunchies

Scrunchies are so retro, they’re almost cool. You can use these to tie your hair up in a ponytail, giving you that quintessential summer vibe. 

The best scrunchies are made of Italian silk and come with vibrant, beautiful patterns. As you walk, they bob along behind you, ruffling in the wind. Most come with an elasticated band and then a dangling section that provides volume and bounce. Some also offer bow-like ends, which immediately smack of summer and give you that perfect holiday vibe for exploring street markets or visiting historical sites. 

Style accessories are essential for the girl who loves to travel because they provide an opportunity to experiment and blend in with the local culture. For instance, if you visit the Middle East, it helps to have head coverings on standby, ready to go the moment you arrive. Similarly, if you’re going somewhere super sunny, like the Mediterranean or the tropics, it helps to have shades and a hat to prevent skin damage during the middle of the day. 

Accessories, therefore, are partly fashionable, but also partly a necessity. You don’t want to be caught without them. Different cultures allow you to experiment with various options. A sombrero in Mexico, for instance, is an example of how travel will enable you to try new things. 


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