Picking Out The Right Earrings

Earrings come in all forms from simple studs to hoops to dangle earrings. Certain styles could be better for accentuating your looks. You’ve also got to take into account the formality and purpose of the occasion. Below is just a brief guide to helping you pick the right earrings.

Blingy or basic?

Sparkly and showy earrings tend to be better suited to occasions like weddings and nights out when you want to look chic and elegant. Unusual pendants can also work well at festivals or at parties when most people will be dressing more flamboyantly.  

Basic studs meanwhile are better suited for everyday wear. You don’t want to be wearing anything blingy to the office. Certain bulky earrings may also not be practical when doing physical activities as they could pose a risk of getting caught and snagging (in the case of most sports, it’s best not to wear any earrings at all).

Blingy earrings are often best contrasted with more subtle outfits. If you’re wearing a very sparkly dress, you may want to opt for more simple earrings.

Which material?

Shiny metals like gold and silver are perfect for classy occasions like weddings and first dates. If you’re wearing other metal jewellery such as metal necklaces or bracelets, try to match the same tone of metal (gold earring and a silver necklace might clash).

More basic metals and plastics are better suited for casual occasions. Steel and copper are two of the most common cheap metals found in earrings.

It’s possible that you may suffer from metal allergies, in which case you may want to consider shopping for titanium earrings. Titanium is hypoallergenic, so you shouldn’t get any skin irritation. It can also sport a shiny and sophisticated appearance to rival silver.

Different coloured metals may be suited to different types of skin tone (for instance, silver can often work well against cooler complexions, while gold is more suitable for warmer complexions). Certain coloured stones and pendants may meanwhile be better suited for those with certain eye colours (for instance, green earrings may help to bring out the green in your eyes). You should also consider how the colour of earrings compliments the colour of your clothing.

Which shape?

It’s worth understanding the effect that different shapes of earrings can have. For instance, certain shapes can be used to compliment certain face shapes. Long dangling earrings for instance can help to add length to an overly round face, while oval pendants and hoop earrings can help to add a roundness to those with a square jaw.

You can also use shapes to accentuate your hairstyle. If you’re wearing your hair in an updo, dangly earrings could make for a nice contrast. Hoop earrings can meanwhile help to compliment curly hair, while ear cuffs can work well with short pixie hairstyles.  

If you’re not sure as to which shape compliments you, it could be worth trying a few different styles on in front of a mirror. 


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