Skandinavik Fur Blankets and Throws

I have shared with you before that one of my favorite shops for fur coats is Skandinavik Fur. I love shopping from them, as they provide amazing quality fur garments at great prices. They also have a great variety of colors, models and furs, which makes it very easy to find all you are looking for on their website!

Last month, I was browsing through their website and discovered the ‘Fur Blankets and Throws‘ section. I felt completely in love with their blankets and throws. Just like with the coats, they offer a great variety of colors and I found the perfect match for my living room.

I got the Brown Fox Fur Blanket Throw Bedspread “Iceberg” in Twin size (110×220) and it is the perfect fit for my living room sofa. So soft and stylish, I am so glad I bought it especially now in the cold winter months. It really brings an extra comfort to your everyday life.

What is even more impressing is that their blankets are 100% handmade and the sizing and linings are fully customizable . Their 60 year old tradition guarantees fine craftmanship and the best of raw materials. The fur pelts come from farms that follow the guidelines of animal welfare and sustainability, which was also very important for me before I stated shopping from them. I love that you shop directly from the fur maker at better prices and higher quality. So make sure to visit their website and discover the amazing range of fur blankets and throws they offer. In case you do not find exactly what you are looking for, make sure to reach out to them and explain what you would like to get , so they can start creating your custom-made order! Special orders ,even if not listed in the website are always welcomed. Their customer service is excellent and they get the custom-made orders ready extra quickly.

I am sure you will find your dream fur blanket on their website!


Tina J x


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