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You all know that I am a fan of high-end designer brands. I love designer handbags and accessories and I am an absolute fan of vintage pieces.

I have recently discovered LXR and Co and was truly impressed by their incredible selection of designer bags and accessories. They have amazing vintage pieces, which are so hard to find on the market. All their pieces are in incredible condition, and they do come with an LXRandCo authenticity card and some bags also come with their original authenticity cards.

In fact, most of their items come with the original dust bag and certificate and on top of that LXR and Co provides you with an additional certificate, which confirms that the item has been checked and it is 100% authentic. How amazing is that. You can shop and feel certain that you will receive an authentic item in great condition.

What I also love about their website is the fact that they provide a detailed description of each piece, which allows you to understand better the condition of the item, exact size and so on. The images provided are also very detailed and you get to see the item from each angle before ordering it.

I got two incredible bags from them and I was super happy with the fast delivery and the super cute packaging. The two bags that I got are in fact models that I have been trying to find for a while.

I got this Louis Vuitton VERNIS ALMA BB in Rose Indien color, which is so rare to find. I have been looking for exactly this color and was so happy when I finally found it on their website. The bag is like brand new and I am so in love with it. I have the BB ALMA in the LV original print, but this one is so much better.

The other bag that I got from them is this Drew Crossbody bag. I got it in navy leather and I love matching it with colourful dresses or with jeans, as it makes my look extra glamorous. Plus this bag is so comfy to wear. The navy color was completely sold out on Chloe’s website, so I was totally sure I want to get it in exactly that color.

LXR and Co ads new additions on their website every week, so it is totally worth checking it on a weekly basis. Plus the prices are incredible, certainly one of the best prices you will find on the market. The returns are super easy and completely hassle free, so in case you order a bag and it is not exactly as you expected you cFFan easily return or exchange it. The customer service team is super helpful and will ensure a totally smooth transaction for you.

I also love the fact that some of the pieces you will find on their website are still available on the designers’ websites, while others are vintage pieces that are super hard to find anywhere. All the items are pre-owned, but as I said, the bags I got were in excellent condition and one of them was honestly like brand new. Click on this link and discover the full list of incredible designer items they currently offer. Make sure to also use my code  TINAJ20 to get 20% off any items except for Chanel and Hermès Home Goods!

Happy shopping.


Tina J x


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