The global health crisis has certainly changed a lot of things in our lives. Some of us are starting to wear masks every day to protect ourselves while we’re on public transport, and others have started to be more mindful about hygiene when they’re in public. Everything from touching handrails on the bus to receiving mail from postal workers is now seen as a potential danger, hence why most of us have started to carry hand sanitiser and other items with us wherever we go.

But perhaps one of the most overlooked changes in our lives is our wardrobes. There’s really no doubt that our clothing choices have changed significantly since the global health crisis, and here are just a couple of examples of changes that most of us have made.

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Masks are becoming more fashionable than ever before

Masks were already somewhat fashionable in other parts of the world such as Asia, but those trends are starting to make their way into the Western world as well. Face masks from companies such as aren’t just fashionable, but they’re also practical and will protect you against a variety of issues. You can also get face masks with unique designs and shapes that keep them practical while also looking amazing.

While many people have already stopped wearing masks due to the restrictions being lifted, there are still plenty of people that wear them for safety reasons and also for added peace of mind. But instead of the typical blue or white disposable masks, they’re investing a bit of money into comfortable and high-quality masks that they can wash and reuse like any other piece of clothing.

We have “at-home” clothes now

While most of us are fine wearing loungewear and pyjamas at home, some of us have started to put together outfits that we wear specifically for working at home. This means clothes that are comfortable to wear, give us plenty of room to move around, yet are easy to put on and can keep us cool during the weather.

The purpose of these clothes is usually for making sure you are ready for Zoom calls and other video conferences. Since you’re working from home, you don’t really need to wear all of your typical work clothes. However, if you still need to be presentable when talking to a client or meeting with your boss, then you’ll put on your work-at-home clothes to add a touch of professionalism. For some people, wearing work-at-home clothes can help them mentally prepare for a day of work which is important if you’re still not accustomed to the idea of working remotely.

So have wardrobes changed since the pandemic started? Absolutely. Will they ever return to “normal”? It really depends on you. Some people are now permanently working at home and enjoy the idea of having work-at-home clothes, while others have already thrown away their fabric face masks because it’s no longer mandatory. Whatever happens to your wardrobe, it’s hard to ignore just how much they’ve changed over the past two years.


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