The debate over expensive labels and cheap fast-fashion items is forever ongoing. For everyone who tells you to spend more money on clothes, there is another who doesn’t believe it’s worth it, especially if you’re only going to wear them for a season. 

But the fact is that more expensive clothes are often of better quality and even a better fit. Whether you wish to purchase satin pyjamas or a new coat, it is often the case that spending a bit more will get you better quality clothing. Despite this, the average person cannot spend hundreds of dollars every month to upgrade their wardrobe to keep up with current trends. This puts them in a sort of purgatory where they know why spending more is important but can’t achieve this. Should looking good cost a lot, though? And if not, how is it still possible?

Looking After Your Health 

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on expensive clothes made from the finest materials and the most desirable labels, you won’t look good if you don’t look after your health. Embracing a skincare routine that treats your skin well and maintaining a consistent exercise schedule are two great steps towards looking good. 

It’s also vital to look at your diet. You don’t want to yo-yo around binge eating and starving yourself as all those fancy clothes won’t fit one way or another. Your health is one of the only things in life you can control, so don’t neglect it in favor of an expensive wardrobe. 

Knowing What Works For You 

While there are plenty of stunning fashion pieces, they don’t suit everyone. Some people prefer a simple outfit that still looks good for most occasions. If you look at your wardrobe, you should see a range of reliable items that you should be able to pair with anything. 

Having multiple core pieces for any time of the year makes looking good much easier. These can be the items you spend a lot of money on, as you know you’ll wear them a lot. As for the rest? Sales items, vintage clothing, and something unique can transform the most basic outfit. 

Feeling Good 

Almost everyone will tell you that you aren’t going to look good if you don’t feel good. Confidence is key to pulling off any outfit, whether you spent two dollars on a bargain or two-hundred dollars on this season’s fashion line. 

Feeling good combines looking after your health and knowing what works for you. If you can find a style that works for you, embrace it. If you’re experiencing unavoidable changes to your body, such as balding, look for solutions that will boost your confidence. Treatment can do wonders, and this is how much a 2000 grafts hair transplant cost if you want to follow that route. As long as you’re doing it for yourself, you’ll end up feeling good. 

Hey, Good Lookin’

Regardless of which side of the argument you fall on, everyone can agree that it isn’t just the clothes that make you look good. You can be dressed to the nines ready for any event, but if you don’t look after other essentials, you will look bad even in the finest garments. So, like everything in life, it all comes down to a balance, and finding that balance is up to you.


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