One of the top tourist destinations in the United States is still Las Vegas, which is referred to globally as the Entertainment Capital of the World. Every year, millions of people flock to the city for a quick weekend getaway or for reunions with friends or family. It’s even easier than before for people from the UK to visit Las Vegas, as British Airways are now putting on three extra flights per week to Sin City. Indeed, 3.3 million guests visited the city in March 2022, which is almost back to pre-pandemic levels. So, it is clear that people from the UK and further afield are coming back to Vegas to experience more of what the city offers.

Of course, the city’s main industry is gaming, alongside its hotels, resorts, and nightclubs. But there’s more to Vegas than what is posted in advertisements and on social media, and we’ll take a look at some of the best sites to visit on your next trip.

1. Casinos and Poker

Casinos and poker rooms are obvious destinations, as it’s what Vegas was built upon. When a new casino makes its grand debut on the Strip, like the new Resorts World Las Vegas, tourists and locals get excited to tour the city’s newest attraction. Especially if it boasts of being the most expensive hotel-casino ever built in the state – who wouldn’t get excited to see such an extravagant and luxurious property? There are also some great Las Vegas poker rooms to visit, which might not have the prestige of a casino, but are well worth your time. Places like The Orleans, which is located west of the Strip on Tropicana Ave, is a great poker venue to play at without the crazy hustle and bustle of the major casinos. With all the different things to do in the city, gaming is still a big attraction in Vegas.

2. Fremont Street and Shows

Everyone knows about the Strip on Las Vegas Blvd, but not all tourists know about the “old Strip” which is the Fremont Street Experience. This hidden place is located in downtown Las Vegas and is essentially a five-block area that consists of small shops, little restaurants, and has musical performances that take place nightly. In the evening, people enjoy walking the lively scene, dancing like nobody cares and letting loose to the sounds of the free live music concert series, Downtown Rocks. Aside from the musical shows, there is another feature that completes the Fremont Experience – the signature Viva Vision show. This is a spectacular light show that is displayed on a gargantuan LED screen, and it’s sure to amaze anyone.

3. Red Rock Canyon and Nature

Red Rock Canyon is one of the best-kept secrets of Las Vegas and is located about 25 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip. It’s a gorgeous outdoor day trip that any lover of nature will enjoy. Visitors to Red Rock Canyon can hike trails, do horseback riding, relax in picnic areas and take some photos while out in nature. For those that want to enjoy the scenery without leaving their vehicle, there is a 13-mile scenic drive you could pass through in a car. Red Rock Canyon has been designated a National Conservation Area, so you can expect to see remarkable animals like desert bighorn sheep, various bird species, and sensitive reptiles like the Gila monster. If you visit this place, be sure and bring a camera to capture spectacular shots of the natural beauty Las Vegas has to offer away from the Strip.

Las Vegas continues to be one of the most exciting tourist destinations in the United States and in the world. But now you know, that the city is not just about gaming; there is luxury, culture, nature and still so much more.

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