Extreme Fashion Choices: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Go Ahead!

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Sometimes we want our fashion choices to make a significant impact on the world, and we feel like we need to rebel against who we are, and this is something that we see constantly in teenagers by dying their hair or getting a piercing. But sometimes, we, as adults, get fed up with the person staring back in the mirror, which is why it benefits us to go completely leftfield. But whether you are thinking about dying your hair an extreme colour, or getting a piercing or tattoo, what are the things you need to consider? 

What’s the Immediate Fallout Going to Be?

We can go for a tattoo or clit piercing on impulse, but the immediate aftermath can make us feel tinged with regret. If you opt for a piercing in a delicate area, as great as it makes you feel, if you do not look after it properly, it could become infectious. It’s important to think, not just about how great you look, but what the immediate aftermath would be for you. 

What Is It You’re Really Trying to Change? 

When we consider making changes to ourselves, it is critical that we think about what it is worth trying to change within ourselves. Sometimes, we just want a different look, but we have to consider the big picture, especially if we are unhappy with something about ourselves. Sometimes, a little change to our wardrobe, an alteration to our accessories, or just a different shade of our current hair colour can make a big difference, which means that we don’t necessarily have to go extreme. People make changes because they want to wake up something within themselves. It’s completely your choice, but what do you want to achieve from it, what is it that you’re really trying to change about yourself, and is it something that you can do in other, more simpler ways? 

How Will It Impact Your Working Situation? 

A very practical question, however, if you want to dye your hair a number of different colours, put dreadlocks in your hair, and cover yourself in piercings, it’s your prerogative, but there will be environments that do not allow this sort of thing. Ultimately, it is about freedom of expression, but if you find yourself in front of your line manager because of a “unique” fashion choice, you have got to consider the bigger picture.

Is It Going to Make You Happier? 

Many people who opt for plastic surgery do so because they want to change something they are so unhappy with, to the point that it’s affecting their perception of themselves. If we are making changes to ourselves, like dying our hair or adding a piercing, these things are reversible, but a tattoo or plastic surgery are things that we can rarely return to normality from. When you make changes to your body, you’ve got to ask yourself if these things are going to make you happier. We spend a lot of time fixating on those negative things without actually considering the bigger picture.


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