Skandinavik Fur Blue Plucked Mink Fur Coat

It is the winter season again and each year I tend to get a new fur coat for myself!

For the past few years, the place that I am always buying from is Skandinavik Fur. They have a very professional team that offer fast delivery and excellent service. They also offer one of the best quality and price on the market and they have such a great variety of designs.

I love the fact that each year they come up with new original designs and they offer fur coats from various furs. On their website you can find anything from Stable fur to Chinchilla coats, to Fox and Rex fur and Mink.

The brand is a third-generation furrier located in Greece – Siatista. With 90% of the town’s population involved in the fur-making industry, it is a true art, handed down from generation to generation. Therefore, all their pieces are finished to perfection.

Most of my fur coats are made of Mink and this year I also went for a Mink option. I was looking for something that is mid length, stylish and with a unique colour. I am a total fan of dark blue colours, and thus it was a love from first sight when I saw this design.

It is a classic A-line mink fur stroller with contrasting textures of sheared and full hair mink. The heavier mink bottom sweep creates excellent drape and swings graciously while moving. I love to wear it with dresses as it looks extra elegant, but if you pair with glossy black leather pants you will also get a great outfit.

If you are also a fan of fur coats you should check out their website and make sure you look through all designs, so that you can find your dream coat!


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