3 Simples Step For Addressing Insecurities

Beauty and fashion are both very fun hobbies to focus on. However, most people know that these are not just hobbies, but lifestyle habits we keep up with in order to look and feel our best. But of course, in order to look our best, we must also know that there are ways we hope not to look, be that messy, unkempt, or perhaps dismissive of ourselves.

Now, that’s a totally natural thought process to have – there are ways to look better or worse and we hope to achieve the former most of all. However, sometimes, it’s easy to think that certain natural features we have are impossible to “fix” or conform to the way we want them. For example, you might have a notable birthmark that will always be part of you, and that makes you feel inferior compared to someone who doesn’t.

Sure, we all know birthmarks are nothing to be ashamed of and even look great and unique most of the time, but if someone has convinced themselves of their insecurity being a poor feature, it’s hard to get out of that. This can affect their confidence, and thus how much fun they have with beauty or fashion, instead opting to use those tools for covering themselves up.

In this post, then, we’ll discuss three simple steps for addressing your insecurities once and for all, and in the healthiest manner possible:

Mind Your Self-Talk

It’s important to mind your self-talk to the extent that you can. For example, if you constantly dismiss yourself while getting dressed because of insecurity, say mean words to yourself, or are generally quite ashamed of this point of focus, then it’s good to reframe your thoughts. You haven’t committed a moral failing because you’re not perfect. Odds are, the insecurity is hardly as terrible as you picture it. Try to speak with love, and give yourself the credit you’re due. It’s a habit like anything else.

Accept That Which You Can’t Change

It’s important to accept that which you can’t change, because this can give you peace. Sure, you might have a slightly crooked nose, perhaps you’re encountering male pattern baldness, or your skin isn’t as clear as it could be. The real question to ask is why does that impact your value as a person? The answer is – it doesn’t, and never should. Accepting that which you can’t change is an opportunity to love yourself, warts and all.

Make Sure “Resolutions” Are Healthy

Sure, you can improve certain issues if you feel they need attention. Just make sure to do it healthily. For example, using clear aligners to help fix crooked teeth can be a good and healthy procedure that is totally effective and natural to take part in. However, undergoing regular cosmetic surgery to change yourself because you feel you’re not good enough, while entirely your choice as an adult, is unhealthy and inadvisable, because the goalposts of your self-worth can keep shifting from that point. 

With this advice, you’re sure to undergo a healthy, reasoned response to insecurities. Remember – everyone has them, so don’t feel out of place.


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