Six Reasons To See The Shimmering Beauty Of Santorini

Whether you’re planning an adults-only retreat or looking to travel with the kids, Greece has a ton of great locations to offer with the sun, sea, culture, great food, and a lot to do. Few sights are as picturesque, however, as the gorgeous streets of Santorini, best known for its rows of white buildings and blue rooftops. However, this beauty, nestling amongst the Aegean Sea, has a lot more to offer besides, which we’ll explore here.

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To watch the sunset

A very popular suggestion, but one that is well worth it. There are a few great vantage points to look out over the sea as the sunset comes out, but few are quite as gorgeous as from the rooftops of Oia village with its white-washed houses, as well as the blue-topped churches that the village is so famous for. The sea and white chalk make for a truly unforgettable sight when dipped in the reds and oranges of the sunset.

Enjoy one of the best hikes

Santorini has miles of gorgeous and dramatic coastline and one of the best ways to take is to make the hike out to Skaros Rock. This ancient fortress site and naturally jutting plateau is a gorgeous place to take some snaps and one of the best 360-degree sightseeing spots for natural beauty.

A glimpse into the ancient past

Like many parts of Greece, Santorini makes an excellent case for historical preservation. In this case, Akrotiri is preserved thanks to an ancient volcanic explosion, much like Pompeii, which has ended up allowing us to explore the homes and buildings that have stood since 1450 BC.

Set out to sea

The gorgeous blues of the Aegean Sea are well worth exploring on their own. When you plan amazing charters aboard a luxury yacht in Greece, Santorini makes an excellent palace to start, as you’re likely to see a lot of the Cyclades Islands that it is a part of. What’s more, you can get some beautiful views of the spots already mentioned here, but from an invigorating new angle.

Explore the volcano

While it might responsible for the devastation of Akrotiri, as well as sinking a big chunk of the island, Nea Kameni’s volcano is very dormant at the moment, and you can make the trip right up the volcano. The volcanic minerals of the soil and geothermal heat underneath make the sea right off the coast an excellent swimming spot, too.

Try the local wines

Greece is known for its love of food and drink, and every spot seems to have some local delicacy to try out. At Santorini, this is most definitely the wine, with Pyrgos being particularly famous for its variety of wines, be it at Santo Wines or Venetsanos Winery. There’s nothing quite like looking out over such a gorgeous sea with a glass of white in your hand.

These are only a few of the delights offered by Santorini. It’s an island with a lot to do, and you’ll be sure to find some new favorites of your own when you make the trip.


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