Four Must-Visit Cities Of Greece

A part of Europe as historically important, culturally rich, and utterly gorgeous as it is, it should be no surprise that Greece offers no shortage of highlights well worth visiting for any traveler. However, one trip alone might not be enough to sate your taste. Here, we’re going to look at five of the many must-see cities of Greece and some of the highlights within each.

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The sight of the old colossus

While the Colossus of Rhodes might be little more than an old story and a plaque at its site at this point, the island itself still has a ton to offer, beyond some of the bluest skies and seas that you’re likely to see. The city itself is beautiful, with its old fortifications still standing, including the walls that act as a separating point between the oldest buildings and newer developments, not to mention the immense Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, the grounds of which you can walk freely.

The best place to see the sunset in the world

Santorini is another of the islands that offer more than plenty to explore all on its own, and to hone in on one of the cities alone might feel like doing a disservice to the rest of what it has to offer. However, with houses for rent in Santorini, you can give yourself a great base of operations to visit many of the island’s other highlights. Perhaps chief amongst them is Oia, where the white-stone buildings with their blue rooftops are a truly unforgettable sight. The city has a lot to offer, but the way it’s painted during sunset is an image that’s nigh impossible to top.

Truly picturesque

While it might not be quite as big as the other cities mentioned here, Corfu Town in Western Greece is full of enough charm to more than makeup for it. Take a stroll amongst the beautiful Venetian architecture, visit some of the most beautiful ancient churches in the country, and take a ferry ride along its gorgeous coastline for just a sample of its delights.

The seat of Greece’s history

Historically a collection of city-states, there are few places in Greece that do not feel massively historically important, but few of them truly compare to Athens, especially in the level of historical preservation. The Ancient Agora and Acropolis are some of the finest standing ruins from antiquity that you will find in the world, period, and the National Archaeological Museum and Acropolis Museum can successfully transport you back in time with some of the greatest artifact collections around. Of course, the city has modern delights to offer, as well, such as the opportunity to have Dinner in the Sky.

If you wanted to see all of what Greece has to offer, or even every treasure within just one of the cities mentioned, it might take you a lifetime. However, if variety is your spice of life, then hopefully the suggestions above point you to some of its highlights.


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