The Warmest Materials that Never Go Out of Fashion

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Some of the warmest materials are always fashionable, and you will probably have most of them. These are stylish and classic, yet they can also keep you very warm when the cold weather hits inside or out. From soft cashmere to durable leather, here are some examples. 

Fashionable Woollen Knitwear

There’s nothing quite like the intricate pattern of woollen knitwear. The craft that goes into it is always astonishing. But the inviting thickness of quality knitwear evokes memories of cosiness. The Sweater Shop’s aran knitwear sale is a great place to start if you need some new pieces for your winter wardrobe. Or if you have some great garments stored away, now is the time to dig through your most sustainable and comforting of all the popular materials available this year.

Cashmere Scarves and Shawls

When you want to stay warm outside and look great doing it, there is only one material you need. Cashmere might be expensive, but good quality cashmere, well looked after, will last a long time. And the style and wear you will get out of it justifies the cost, which is cheaper than buying multiple sub-standard garments. Cashmere is goat’s wool and looks its best when woven into wonderfully stylish scarves, shawls and pashminas at pretty much any time of year.

The Warmest Materials Includes Synthetics

There’s always a lot of talk about using organic and natural materials. However, some synthetics are sustainable and can offer superior protection and warmth over natural fibres. These include nylon, polyester and spandex. These are also durable and resistant to bad weather, which is why you don’t see people hitting the Alpine slopes in cotton when skiing. Given that 85% of materials are discarded in the US and elsewhere, some synthetics will help your sustainability goals.

Leather Jackets and Boots

If durability is a key element of sustainability in fashion, then it doesn’t get much better than leather. Leather is one of the hardest-wearing materials available. Which is great because it also looks amazing and is expensive. However, leather garments such as boots and jackets are also very warm. Cold wind cannot penetrate the armour of leather, and water doesn’t usually get in. Additionally, leather is often lined with materials such as silk or polyester blends for warmth.

Cotton Fitted Bed Sheets 

Perhaps not for your wardrobe, but cotton-fitted bed sheets can add to your overall fashion at home nonetheless. High-thread count cotton sheets are very warm and exquisitely comfortable, so they should always be used. However, cotton has a way of cooling down pretty quickly. This is why cotton is essential for sleeping, as you can warm and cool as the night draws on for better sleep. Silk and satin, although very warm, can get a little too hot at night when sleeping.


Woollen knitwear is among the warmest materials that you can wear for protection while looking good. Organic wool is very warm, but synthetics like polyester also have their place. And cotton is an excellent material that can keep you equally cool and warm for a better night’s sleep.


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